ZenDenz.ca is a leader in DIY backyard office kits, shed kits and prefab outdoor flex rooms.

Easy-to-follow, step by step instructions included!

Perfect project for the home handyman and 'do-it-yourselfer'.

DIY backyard office kits starting at only $6,500 CDN!

A Zen Denz DIY backyard office kit provides peace and a workspace to call your own.

From prefab pods to cozy cabins, our backyard offices make working from home a breeze.DIY backyard office kits are essentially rooms or outdoor spaces that you can use for a variety of purposes. Since Covid, more people have started working from home. The need for privacy and a more unique office space has led to the popularity of having a separate space in your backyard for a home office.

The Zen Denz backyard office kits are a perfect option for adding more space to your home so you can accomplish what needs to be done. Because of the flexibility of our backyard flex rooms, they can also be used as a bonus room or multipurpose room. The purpose of a backyard flex room is to provide a homeowner with a little extra space, wherever they need it, and flexibility as their needs and lifestyles evolve. Now you can also work from home comfortably with a stylish backyard office kit.

As people around the world continue to hunker down and work from home during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s now more important than ever to set up a quiet and secluded backyard home office. We’ve rounded up some of the world’s most impressive backyard studios and retreats to get you thinking about how you might devise the workspace of your dreams.

Get a prefab home office backyard studio from Zen Denz and assemble it on your own!

A Zen Denz home office studio is not hard to put together and is meant to be a do-it-yourself. Our backyard office solutions can be a fun weekend project with friends and family or we can help you put it all together. You don't need to worry about not knowing what to do because each Zen Denz backyard office kit comes with detailed instructions. This will give you peace of mind that you can assemble your own structure.

If you have any questions on how a Zen Denz prefab office kit can fit in your backyard, please drop us a line! Simply use the form on this page and we'll get back to you right away!

Office Room

Backyard office kits + DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz

Gym Room

Backyard gym room + DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz

Art Room

Backyard art studio + DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz

leisure Room

Backyard leisure room + DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz

wellness Room

Backyard wellness room + DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz

Music Room

Backyard music room + DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz
Backyard office kits + DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz

DIY prefab backyard office kits to help your business grow.

All ZenDenz backyard office kits are "flat-packed" shipped.

Excellent shipping rates across North America.

Quality panelized construction finished inside and out and complete with wiring.

It can take a two-man crew only 2 days for turnkey completion of a ZenDenZ project.

Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions are included.

Completely customizable to fit your specific requirements.

high quality standards and professional detail

custom built PREFAB backyard office kits

We build all our backyard office kits and prefab outdoor flex rooms from scratch. Because of this, we can customize everything to your specific needs and requirements. If you are an artist or a budding artist, we can create a beautiful light space to help feed your creativity. A garden studio can create and escape and an oasis of calm and tranquility outside your normal busy life.

built to last.

We construct all of our buildings by hand because our high quality standards are second to none. Our competitors may use nails to fix walls and connect panels, but at ZenDenz we use only quality screws. This gives every room excellent durability and strength for peace of mind.

DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz
DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz
Backyard office kits + DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz
DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz
Backyard office kits + DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz
Backyard office kits + DIY prefab outdoor flex rooms by ZenDenz

everything inside and out

On the outside of your garden studio, we can custom design your new space to blend seamlessly with your garden or yard environment. This will ensure a stunning addition to your outdoor space. The inside if your new outdoor studio will be just like the inside of our home, with quality finishing that you would expect from professionals. Your new flex room will also be insulated so, come rain or shine, you will be able to enjoy the tranquility of a space that you helped design to your specific standards.

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